Miranda Lambert is debuting her new music video for her current emotional single 'Over You' this Thursday (March 1), but the Boot released a sneak peek early, giving a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes footage of filming the video. Lambert wrote the song with husband Blake Shelton about the death of Shelton's older brother Richie, who lost his life in a car accident in 1991 when Shelton was only 14-years-old.

Though Shelton knew the song would be too hard for him to sing every night in an arena, Lambert adopted it as her own and beautifully tells her husband's story with the lyrically raw tune. The song became perhaps even more real to her in the past few months, as she experienced the painful loss of her father-in-law, a close childhood friend and her family dog.

In the behind-the-scenes footage seen below, Lambert is dressed in a vintage gown with a parasol and an early 20th century jacket. Two little boys are dressed like newsies or chimney sweeps, and a white horse (that used to be in the circus) also plays a prominent role in the video.

Lambert, who spilled that she hasn't shot a music video in more than a year, jokes that she wants to take the horse on tour with her, adding that people are constantly asking her if she has fire on her On Fire Tour. While she may not have fire, she could always have a beautiful white horse on stage with her. Toward the end of the shoot, Lambert looks as though the emotions of the whole song are weighing heavily upon her. Since the video was being shot soon after she experienced some serious loss of her own, Lambert says, "Cross my fingers I won't cry, but I'm not promising."

'Over You' is the current single from Lambert's Nov. 1 release, 'Four the Record,' and the song is currently sitting at No.17 on the Billboard Country Songs chart. Lambert shot the video for the single at Tennessee's Cedars of Lebanon State Park in the middle of the winter, though she says it wasn't too freezing. In an interview with Taste of Country in November, Lambert opened up about just how personal this song is to her.

“You know I cry every time I listen to it,” Lambert said. “I think that’s the most personal song that as a couple we’ve ever put out.”

Watch Sneak Peek of Miranda Lambert's 'Over You' Music Video

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