Miranda Lambert says "Vice" — the lead single from her forthcoming album — is as honest as it gets. She explains that she wrote the emotional song, which was penned with Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne, “in exactly the moment that I felt exactly like this."

“I wrote this at the exact time of the sh-- hitting the fan,” Lambert tells the Tennessean. “I think it’s great, though. It’s documented on paper with emotion.”

While she is open about some of the vices in the song being her own, she notes that everyone has his or her own vice.

“Everybody has a vice of some sort,” Lambert says. “Sometimes when you’re going through something in your life, you may run to some things you shouldn’t and run from some things you shouldn’t. I think this song is an opportunity to just be honest and own it and say, ‘Yeah, I have some imperfections, and I live a life and here and there I might get in a pickle.’ It’s not about one thing or another."

Adds the singer, "Everybody has a vice they run to when they need comfort, and I think that’s what this song says. There’s no mystery here. I run to things for comfort just like everybody else.”

Lambert reveals that her forthcoming album is a personal project, although it's no different than her previous records — except that her story has changed: "My platform has always been, ‘Be honest, say what you want to say.’ That’s no different on this record.”

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