Miranda Lambert has finally revealed the much-anticipated "Vice," her first single from a new album. The sultry song addresses Lambert's biggest vice: men.

In a video clip uploaded to Instagram shortly after the song hit, Lambert explains that she hopes "Vice" is something listeners can relate to when they hear the track for the first time.

"I hope that everybody that hears it can feel like they're not on an island," she says. "We all have things in our life that aren't necessarily pleasant to talk about, but this song is as honest as you can get about emotions and letting raw emotions live where they live until you move on to a happier place."

Lambert adds that the song embodies the "cycle of life," and that we can't all be sunshine and roses every day.

"Sometimes when we're not [sunshine and roses] we find things that make us feel better at the moment. That's what a vice is," she explains. "I think when you go through something in your life that's hard, you learn what you run to and what you run from. Sometimes it comes full circle. It's a very clear image of somebody that's willing to lay it out there and be honest."

It has been a year since we've heard new music from Lambert, and she says "Vice" was the perfect song to lead off with because, "it's still me being who I am."

There has been no indication of when a full-length album will hit.

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