Are the powers-that-be at Bacardi listening? Miranda Lambert wants to talk to you. So does her husband, Blake Shelton.

The lovely and talented singer is a Bacardi connoisseur and therefore wants the liquor company to sponsor her tour, since she offers up endless free promotion of their beverages and products by talking about them. It’s only fair that the bosses return the favor with a sponsorship, right? Lambert even claimed to create the 'Randarita,' a delightful libation comprised of Bacardi, raspberry lemonade Crystal Light drink mix and a splash of Diet Sprite.

Earlier this week, Lambert tweeted: “I just realized how ridiculous it is that Bacardi doesn’t sponsor my tour… I invented the randarita!"

She then offered up the recipe and threatened to boycott the beverage maker, posting: “Randarita= Bacardi, raspberry lemonade crystal light and a splash of sprite zero. They better step it up or the Sheltons are going on strike.”

Thems fightin' words! She was on fire, finishing: “@blakeshelton: If I don't have at least an offer from them by the end of the week, what should I switch too?" yea what he said!"

Bacardi tweeted back to the couple: “@BACARDI: blakeshelton & Miranda_Lambert - Please don't quit us! We love you as much as you used to love us” to which Shelton added, "Still waiting for the offer..."

He didn’t waste any time getting down to business there. Bacardi's cute and funny tweet is all fine and good but Shelton’s a businessman and wants action.

At least the tweets made it back to the right people. Oh, the power of the digital age and of 140-character demands.

The country couple’s fans got in on the fun too, some jokingly threatening to stop tossing back Bacardi at work, with one clever person suggesting they rename the company “Blakecardi.”

We’ll keep monitoring this Twitter situation to see if Bacardi comes through.

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