Miranda Lambert shouldn't only be thankful for her wins at the recent 2012 CMA Awards -- she should also be thanking her lucky stars that her dress held together while she was onstage performing and accepting her trophies.

In an interview with Country Countdown USA, the 'Fastest Girl in Town' hitmaker reveals that she suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction prior to the actual television broadcast.

Lambert went through a series of different dresses in the weeks leading up to the event, trying to find exactly the right style. It was during a fitting for one of those gowns that the cringe-worthy mishap occurred.

"I got stuck in a really big designer dress," the singer tells host Lon Helton. "Like in my fitting, I got stuck-stuck. Like they had to cut it off me. I took pictures. They’re not appropriate to share with the public, but I did document them for myself."

She continues, "I tried on this dress, and it fit, but the zipper broke when I put it on. So they tried to lay me down to take it off, and it got worse stuck. I couldn’t see, it was stuck over my head, it was awful, like a 30-minute ordeal. I was like undies, nothing else, I couldn’t see, stuff was stuck over my head, it was awesome."

Although Lambert is lucky that no viral photos exist of the embarrassing situation, she playfully says that could still change. "When my career goes down, I may leak some of the pictures," she jokes.

That night, Lambert took home honors for Female Vocalist of the Year and shared the award for Song of the Year with her husband, Blake Shelton.