Brad Paisley are Carrie Underwood are facing some downright nasty competition (if one believes they are truly competing for their jobs as CMA co-hosts). In the just released commercial for the November 9 broadcast, Miss Piggy throws open the audition room door and proclaims the job hers.

"Feast your eyes on the new host of the CMA Awards," Piggy declares with her usual pomp and circumstance as Paisley, Underwood, the Osmonds and the kids from 'The Middle' look on. "Still here?" she asks last year's co-hosts as she struts by, laughing. Underwood and Paisley can't believe the rudeness.

"And I thought you were a ham," Underwood tells Paisley as Piggy exits. This all seems to be for show, as the two country stars were assured the gig months ago. The commercials are a creative way to remind viewers to tune into Nashville's biggest night next month. Last week, Donnie and Marie Osmond auditioned and thought they had the job wrapped up. Now they sit in the green room worrying. Who can keep up?

All of the biggest stars will be on hand to present or perform during the November 9 telecast from the Bridgestone Arena. There are always a few surprise appearances, and it doesn't seem far-fetched to wonder if the tone of these commercials is building to a hilarious segment featuring Piggy and the Osmonds.

Watch the New CMA Awards Commercial Starring Miss Piggy

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