Mo Pitney is getting ready to be a dad, and he's excited. The "Boy & a Girl Thing" singer recently shared the sex and name of his first child with fans on his Facebook page.

"Hey boys! It's a girl! This is little Evelyne Nadine Pitney," Pitney writes beside several sonogram photos. "We are revealing the name now because we wanted to introduce this living human being to the world as soon as possible ... We already love her very much."

Mo and wife Emily announced the news that they were pregnant in August. The baby girl is expected to arrive in February 2017. The couple married in March 2016 at a church in Carbondale, Ill., which is Emily’s hometown.

But baby isn't the only new addition, as Mo will 'give birth' to his debut album, Behind This Guitar, this fall. The 12-track album will be released on Oct. 7, and in an interview with Country Weekly last year, Pitney was optimistic about the future of his career as a singer.

"Things are definitely happening for me,” he tells the magazine, "But I don’t think I ever tried to plan what my career would look like. It’s not about praise or even having No. 1 songs. My goal is always to play music and make a living doing that. I have put most of my energy into treating people right and staying true to myself and my faith."

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