Months after getting married, Mo Pitney and wife Emily are expecting their first baby. The singer shares that he will become a father in February 2017. Mo and Emily married in March 2016 at a church in Carbondale, Ill., Emily's hometown.

Country station Q85.5 in Rockford, Ill. was first to share the news, posting photos shared on Pitney's mother's Facebook page as evidence:

Pitney has not commented on the baby on his official Twitter page. Industry trade website Country Aircheck also reported the 23-year-old will become a father. In the photos shared by Tabitha Brown-Pitney, Mo is holding a sign that reads "Boy or a Girl Thing?" It's a reference to his recent single "Boy and a Girl Thing," a Top 50 hit from 2015. His other release to radio is called "Country." So far Pitney's traditional country sound has not scored him a true hit, but he's developed a strong fanbase and support from traditionalists inside the genre.

Emily and Mo first met at a bluegrass festival, but while he fell for her, she was tougher to convince. They did become friends, and that blossomed into something more over time.

On Oct. 7, Pitney will release his debut album. Behind This Guitar features 12 songs, including his two singles. He wrote 10 of the 12 songs.

One week ago Pitney may have dropped a hint that news was coming on his Instagram page. A photo of Emily includes a caption in which he divulges that she had not been feeling well.

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