Fans of Montgomery Gentry will no doubt treasure the new video for "Drink Along Song,” which contains some of the last live footage existing of Troy Gentry prior to his death last September in a helicopter accident.

Not the least of these fans is Gentry's widow, Angie, who told Billboard (who premiered the clip) that she has myriad feelings about watching it. “There are million things that go through my mind,” she said. “It’s a very mixed emotion. It’s one of those things where you know it’s going to hurt, but you have to do it anyway. I hate seeing it, because it reinforces the fact that he’s gone, yet I love seeing it because I can still see him. I was watching it yesterday, and literally felt I could touch him through the screen. You just wish you could reach through there and just touch him.

"It’s bittersweet in so many ways," she continued. "I love watching it because it’s a memory that is always going to be there, and I get to have that. But it also reminds me that’s the only way I can see him now.”

Gentry's musical partner, Eddie Montgomery, echoed that sentiment. "“Your heart just melts. Even though you’re going on, you miss him so much," he noted. "I miss that big-assed smile that he had, and all the practical jokes that he was always pulling. When I see the video, it gets in your stomach and in your heart.”

The release of the video also coincides with the announcement of the formation of The Troy Gentry Foundation, which is a non-profit charitable organization founded by Angie Gentry that helps a variety of causes, including cancer research, music education, and helping military families and families in need.

"Drink Along Song" is from Montgomery Gentry's current album, Here's to You. The project was completed just before Gentry died in September 2017, and released posthumously in February 2018. Montgomery Gentry returned to the stage in January for the band's first-ever shows without Gentry, featuring Montgomery and the same musicians who have played in the group for years.

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