On the same day Morgan Wallen kicked off his If I Know Me Tour in Chicago, he also surprised fans with a new video for his song “Chasin' You” that featured a leading lady by the name of Rachyl Degman.

“I liked something about her eyes,” Wallen tells Taste of Country during a recent interview. “I just liked something about her eyes and how they drew me in, so I wanted her eyes to do that to the camera.”

However, it actually happened that Degman was close to not being the leading lady, as Wallen’s team had actually suggested another actress for the video.

“Obviously there are lists and agencies of actresses that they give me to pick from, and I actually think they may have picked someone else, but I was like ‘Naw, I like her,” Wallen chuckles.

The singer says that the actual video was filmed last summer, and he had been saving it to release on a very special day.

“It has always been one of my favorite songs, and I love that people have started gravitating towards it,” he says about the song, which happens to be one of the first songs he ever wrote. “I kinda wanted to do something that felt like a celebration for this tour kicking off.”

And if it’s up to Wallen, he would love to see the song become his next single.

“’Whiskey Glasses’ is out now but I’m always thinking about what’s next,"  he says. "If I could pick, ‘Chasin' You’ would be my next single."

And of the video? "I’m pleased about how it turned out," he confirms. We'd agree!

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