Morgan Wallen's new album One Thing at a Time is quite meaty, with 36 songs on the tracklist — but the Tennessee native says the project could have been longer.

Wallen actually recorded 42 songs for this album, but due to ear fatigue, six tracks got the axe.

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“We actually cut 42 songs and then after three or four months living with them, about six of ’em got old to me, so I threw them off," Wallen explains on Country Countdown USA, "But the other ones I never got tired of."

“And that’s with me spending hours and hours and hours with each song," he says. "So I figured if I’m not tired of ’em, then hopefully the other people won’t be, either."

"That’s kind of the same approach we took with Dangerous. We threw a couple off of that album too, but we kept the majority. I’m aware that it’s a lot of songs, but I also got to experiment with some different sounds and different things that I love," Wallen adds.

Dangerous: The Double Album — Wallen's second studio release — delivered 30 tracks. After dropping the project off in January 2021, the "Thought You Should Know" singer says he and his team went to work on a new album.

“We started immediately working on it as soon as Dangerous was done,” he recalls. “So it’s been a process over the last couple years. And man, we just got a bunch of songs we love again and just said ‘Why not?’”

Wallen's longtime producer, Joey Moi, says the star has been involved more and more with each album. On his debut offering If I Know Me, he was in and out of the studio throughout its infancy, but he was next to Moi every day on One Thing at a Time.

“The first record, in a budding career [from a] new artist is weird, you kind of get stripped of all your time to make the record, so we really panicked our way through that one,” Moi tells Music Mayhem. “He was on tour, and then we would cut the songs together in the studio, and then he’d go off on tour. I’d squirrel away and work on the music getting ready for him to come back. He’d sing like six songs in one day. It was that process."

"Second record, we were able to engineer the calendar a little better but he was still heavy in obligations [but] he was present for way more than the first record," Moi explains. "This one I feel like we nailed the calendar, and he was there for every moment of it. It was amazing having him in the room the whole time with me.”

One Thing at a Time also proved to be a family affair for Wallen. Not only did he work on a song called "Outlook" with his sister Ashlyne, but he regularly brought his toddler son Indie into the studio with him.

"He started coming in there and banging on guitar strings and, you know, delete songs for Joey and stuff like that," Wallen jokes with Billboard. "But honestly, he brought a lot of joy into the room. He brought a new energy that we hadn’t had in there before.”

Indie may make a few appearances on Wallen's One Night at a Time Tour, which launches on March 15. The worldwide track will visit 40 cities in four countries before wrapping on Oct. 7. Bailey Zimmerman and Ernest are openers, with Parker McCollum and Hardy popping in for a few dates.

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