There's no underestimating the power of social media when it comes to reaching country music fans. Blake Shelton is just one example of someone whose postings have brought him fame (or infamy) that led to bigger and better opportunities. At the very least, Facebook is a place for artists to break news, debut new music videos or ask fans what they think the next radio single should be. So who's got the most influence? There are a few surprises amongst the Top 10 Most Popular Country Artists on Facebook, including one man who died years before the website was even a dream of Mark Zuckerberg's.

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    Rascal Flatts

    3.5 Million Facebook Fans

    It's no surprise superstars like Rascal Flatts make the Top 10 Most Popular Country Artists on Facebook list. The trio's fan base is as loyal as any in country music, and the band consistently puts out songs that make instant fans for life. Dozens of fan videos highlight the band's page, and you can also find links to their individual Facebook accounts. If you're curious, Jay DeMarcus has the most followers amongst the three members of the band.

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    George Strait

    3.7 Million Facebook Fans

    If you thought that there's no way George Strait checks his Facebook page very often, you're probably right. But visitors can see fan postings, including pictures, videos and general George Strait love. However, this feature also attracts spammers, who have been able to keep their message on Strait's wall for hours at a time. The page isn't a destination for Strait scoopage, but more just a place for fans to hang out and chat.

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    Zac Brown Band

    3.8 Million Facebook Fans

    The Zac Brown Band had a strong underground following before breaking through with their first mainstream country hit, 'Chicken Fried,' in 2008 -- so it's no surprise that the online community has flocked to them as well. The page works like a de-facto website, giving fans tour and new music updates as well as keeping them posted on ZBB television appearances. It lacks personal touch from Zac or any of the other members of the band, however.

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    Kenny Chesney

    3.9 Million Facebook Fans

    Kenny Chesney consistently sells more concert tickets than every other artist in the format, and his albums seem to instantly go Gold for 500,000 in sales. So Chesney has a lot of fans, but what makes his Facebook page special is the singer's individual touch. He's always updating fans on his whereabouts, and adding pictures and video of tour stops. This site feels as personal as his music.

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    Tim McGraw

    4.1 Million Facebook Fans

    Tim McGraw's Facebook page is loaded with music. Fans can find just about every one of his hits if they look hard enough. Of course there's a link to purchase each one, but McGraw doesn't make that the only way to hear his music. Like Chesney, McGraw seems to add to the page, but doesn't offer much beyond what's available elsewhere. His popularity is no doubt a result of a long successful career, and successful endeavors beyond country music.

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    Jason Aldean

    4.8 Million Facebook Fans

    Jason Aldean is the next country superstar. This summer, he began headlining shows at amphitheaters across the country, with his fans pouring through the gates in numbers to make taking the risk more than worth it. Aldean has two of the top three selling singles of 2011 ('Dirt Road Anthem' and 'Don't You Wanna Stay') and this year's top selling album so far ('My Kinda' Party'). While his Facebook page doesn't allow fans to leave original posts on his wall, there is an entertaining- - if not contentious -- discussion board that substitutes.

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    Lady Antebellum

    5.7 Million Facebook Fans

    'Webisode Wednesdays' are just one of the highlights on the Lady Antebellum page on Facebook. The trio also lets fans hear new music, makes important announcements, and posts tour pictures. Their cross into pop and adult contemporary radio no doubt helped widen their appeal. One figures they'll be moving up this list before long.

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    Carrie Underwood

    5.9 Million Facebook Fans

    Behold the power of 'American Idol.' Carrie Underwood has certainly done plenty to maintain the strong fan base the reality show provided her after winning in 2005, but as Scotty McCreery is finding out, television exposure casts a wider net than hit after hit on the radio. Underwood admits she isn't very active in the social media world, and her Facebook page is mostly news and notes from her career. A few pictures or thoughts from the one-time ACM Entertainer of the Year would be a welcome gift for her followers.

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    Johnny Cash

    7.4 Million Facebook Fans

    For someone who died three years before Facebook was invented, Johnny Cash does a surprisingly nice job of staying in touch with his fans. Cash (or whoever is in charge of his online presence) involves fans by beginning discussions with many new posts. Instead of simply promoting the song 'Foolish Questions' from his new 'Bootleg Volume 2' album, he asks, "What foolish questions have you been asked?" There's also a tab to check out his powerful music videos, including footage from the earliest days of Cash's career.

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    Taylor Swift

    25.6 Million Facebook Fans

    Taylor Swift's rise to fame included catchy and relatable songs and social media dominance. Swift used to personally respond to every message she got on MySpace, and quickly became a leader in "friends" on that platform. It's no surprise that she's the most 'liked' country artist on Facebook, although the gap between her and the rest of the field is a bit mind-blowing. Swift chats with her fans through posts and video, and if there is news she wants to share, the Facebook page is where it'll break. Her hard work on a one-on-one level is clearly paying off. 

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