Though Music City has its share of drama each week, one aspect of the show fans are drawn to is its portrayal of the friendship between main stars Rachyl Degman, Alisa Fuller and Jessica Mack.

While most reality shows thrive on feuds amongst the cast, Music City has taken a more civil approach. Its female leads use words like "loyal" to describe each other while building a sound support system amongst their group throughout the show, whether trying to find potential love matches for each other or helping Degman deal with her marital troubles. Fans have taken notice of the respectful way their friendship is portrayed on screen and have reached out to Degman to share their appreciation for the docu-series created by The Hills mastermind Adam DiVello, which follows the lives of five friends as they try to make it in Nashville.

"With the #TimesUp movement and the #MeToo movement, I've gotten some personal messages from women who watch The Hills and Laguna Beach and they have said that they love Music City," she tells Taste of Country and other media during the Nashville farewell concert at the Grand Ole Opry. "They especially love it because we don't catfight and we all support each other and we all have each other's back."

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"Girl power," co-star Mack chimes in.

This sense of camaraderie comes naturally to the group, as many of them had already known each other before filming began. Fans have been able to see their relationships progress each week, with the cast agreeing that the show has made their bond stronger. "We're together all the time now," Fuller describes. "We've traveled, we're going different places together. You never know somebody until you have to travel with them and spend multiple days with them."

"We've grown closer," Mack adds of how the show has impacted the cast's friendship. "We're all like family."

The season finale of Music City airs on Thursday (April 12) at 10PM ET on CMT.

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