If you didn't like the way Nashville ended, there's good news.

ABC canceled the music-centered country drama unexpectedly on May 12, and the Season 4 finale on May 25 instead became the final episode of the series. The finale gave happy endings to almost every character that had been in flux, but in the very last scene, what was to be a joyful reunion between Juliette Barnes and Avery Barkley was snatched away, as her plane went missing on the way back to Nashville.

Many fans expressed their disappointment at that ending, which Lionsgate TV head Kevin Beggs said was a deliberate move on the part of producers who are trying to save the show by taking it to another network. He tells the Hollywood Reporter a pat happy ending would have been a "disservice" to fans, but also says they'll eventually get to see the alternate happy ending that was filmed and discarded, in which the couple reunite.

"I'm sure we would figure out a satisfying way for audiences to see an alternative ending — but it won't be as good as the ending we have given them," he says. "In a perfect world, we'd be making this show for many more seasons. Our hope and intention is to have an asset that continues to grow for many years."

Lionsgate has confirmed that four or five platforms are considering the show, and the cast members are still under long-term contract. Fans who couldn't understand why Nashville was canceled have rallied behind the show as well, starting a petition and using the hashtag #BringBackNashville in an online campaign to try and rescue the beloved drama.

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