Major changes are in store for the second half of Nashville Season 5, including the introduction of a new character played by Big Little Lies star Jeff Nordling.

According to CMT, Nordling will play the role of Brad Maitland, who is "a successful, charming, egotistical and narcissistic owner of the most successful record label in town."

Rachel Bilson (The OC, Hart of Dixie) and Kaitlin Doubleday (Empire) will also join the cast during the second half of Season 5, which begins airing on June 1. This will mark Bilson's reunion with her former OC co-star Chris Carmack.

Showrunner Marshall Herskovitz gives some insight on what else to expect from the season.

"What we're promising is this continuing process of deepening the relationships of these characters and following them trying to figure out who they are in their lives, trying to make their way and getting into the real conflicts that happen," he says in a video preview with CMT. "That's going to be both wonderful and difficult. We're certainly going to see Deacon in this new role as not only single parent but responsible for Highway 65, forced into a position he was never comfortable with before. I think a lot of interesting stories will come out of that."

Herskovitz adds that the Juliet viewers know and love will be back as she continues to juggle her career and personal life.

"Juliet has gone through this real profound change but she's still Juliet," Herskovitz explains. "She still has that part of her that wants to be on top. We love that part of her and it's coming back."

He also hints at a new situation that Scarlett and Gunnar will find themselves in. While he promises it to be interesting, it's something he can't reveal just yet. Additionally, the characters will continue to deal with the death of main character Rayna Jaymes.

"There is most definitely life after Rayna and yet we never forget her," he adds. "She's sort of a presence in each of the episodes because that's what happens in life."

The mid-season premiere of Nashville airs on Thursday, June 1 at 9PM ET on CMT.

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