Things are starting to heat up on Season 5 of Nashville, with plenty of new drama introduced on Thursday night’s (Feb. 2) episode.

Big news rocks Highway 65 when Zach Wells, Rayna’s (Connie Britton) new business guru, reveals that Luke Wheeler is selling his company, Wheelin’ and Dealin,’ and suggests they buy it. This leads to an interesting interaction between Zach and Will (Chris Carmack) in his dressing room backstage at Luke’s show, where Zach tells the country singer they have “big plans” for him that will take him beyond Nashville -- and hints at a possible attraction to the star. Luke and Rayna patch up old heartache, with Luke agreeing to sell her the company in the name of trust.

Maddie (Maisy Stella) continues to struggle with her feelings for Clay, whose fear of hurting her, coupled with the issues that come along with his bipolar disorder, leave their relationship conflicted. On top of all the drama, Maddie’s at odds with her mother because she thinks her disapproval stems from their racial differences, but the real reason is due to the seven-year age gap between the two and the fact that Maddie’s underage.

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After repeatedly trying to get Clay to deal with his problems, she takes a bit of a break from their relationship. But she comes around and tells him she admires his artistry and wants to see the world from a fresh perspective like he does, implying the official start to their new romance. And it appears Daphne may have a potential love interest of her own when a guy at school asks her for her number. She’s just about to give it to him when they’re interrupted by Rayna’s stalker, who creepily approaches her outside of the school and tries to hand her a letter to give to her mother.

In the meantime, Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) makes some huge strides in relation to her injuries -- and her musical direction. She’s transitioned from the wheelchair to crutches with the help of her nurse Allyson (Jen Richards), with Nashville introducing its first transgender character. Fans also get deeper insight into the woman who saved her life, Hallie, learning that she’s a social worker with a love of music and an incredible voice to match.

Juliette hesitantly accepts Hallie's offer to attend a service at her church, but ends up becoming captivated by the experience, so much so that she reveals to Rayna that she now wants to make a gospel album. And with Highway 65 acquiring Luke’s company and all of its artists, Juliette’s new project could open new doors for the struggling label.

Nashville airs every Thursday night at 9PM EST on CMT.

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