Nicole Kidman says her husband, Keith Urban, has been a constant source of support since her father passed away in early September.

According to Time, Antony Kidman was visiting Nicole's sister Antonia in Singapore when he died unexpectedly after a fall. Urban canceled a show at the Washington State Fair and rushed home to be with his grieving wife, who says the experience has brought the family even closer together.

"I know now more than ever how precious time is, more than anything I just have this desire to be very very tight with my family and my children," the actress tells Mama Mia. "I’m incredibly fortunate that I’ve managed to find an extraordinary man in Keith."

"He has been such a rock for me, through everything, particularly the last few weeks," she adds. "He’s just been divine; so full of love and support, as have my children, as has my sister and my mum, we’ve been through a lot. We’ve really had to lean on each other and support each other and hold each other close. But having small children and having Keith has been just wonderful. To hold onto Sunny and Faith, I just feel so glad that I was able to have them. It took a long time to get there but I have a 6-year-old and a 3-year-old and this really, really great guy. I’m lucky.”

The 47-year-old actress says her famous husband shares many of the same traits as her beloved father.

"Seeing our two little girls climbing all over him and seeing him take care of them and hold them and be there for them, he’s just such a responsible, great man in their life," she gushes. "Hopefully we’ll give them that chance to go and find that themselves, in their relationships, because that is passed down."

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