Nicole Kidman says her husband, Keith Urban, knew about her decade-ago blind date with Jimmy Fallon.

Not that there's much to be jealous of. During an appearance on 'The Tonight Show' on Tuesday (Jan. 6), Kidman laughingly recounted how a mutual friend set her up with Fallon years ago, when they were both single -- only Fallon somehow believed they were getting together to talk about a film role.

“I just remember I liked you,” she told Fallon, who appeared stunned. “I’m single, and I’m like, ‘Yeah, cool.’ So I go over, and you’re there in a baseball cap, and you wouldn’t talk — you didn’t say anything. And then you put a video game on or something, and I’m like, ‘This is so bad.’”

She added, “After about an hour and a half, I thought, ‘He has no interest — this is so embarrassing.’ And then I left, and went, ‘Okay, no chemistry — and then I was like, ‘Maybe he’s gay!’”

In an interview with Extra, Kidman says Urban had already heard the awkward story.

"He knew the story, because we watch Fallon," she relates. "He knew the story, but I don't think he knew it in that detail. But it was fun. I’m so glad Jimmy was so good-natured about it. He was laughing, but I think he was pretty shocked.”

Kidman's new movie, 'Paddington,' is set to open in the US on Jan. 16. She and Urban shared a sweet kiss in the rain at the premiere. See the pictures here.

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