The lead track from the Pistol Annies' sophomore album 'Annie Up' reintroduces the all-female trio as the most dangerous voices in country music. Hippie, Holler and Lone Star Annie are out to break hearts and rules once again in 'I Feel a Sin Comin' On.' Listen to the track in its entirety below. 

The bluesy cut begins acapella with Miranda Lambert singing her bad intentions. Soon, Ashley Monroe, Angaleena Presley and jungle of guitars join in to produce a slow, sexy track about giving in to bad intentions.

"Give me talk, dark and handsome / Mix it up with something strong / I feel a sin comin' on," they sing to end the chorus. It's every bit the statement 'Hell on Heels' was 20 months ago.

'Annie Up' is in stores and at digital retailers on May 7. The full album is currently streaming at Amazon until that date. Expect Pistol Annies tour dates to be announced in the near future.

Listen to Pistol Annies, 'I Feel a Sin Comin' On'