Miranda Lambert and her girls in the Pistol Annies hit the road and slum it in a beat up, beige VW van in their super fun video for 'Takin' Pills,' from their debut album, 'Hell on Heels.' We are left to wonder where they found that bucket of bolts -- and how is it still running? It's a relic and should be in the Smithsonian, but it gets the point across. Even though it looks like it's on its last legs, it's emblematic of the fact that living life on the road is full of surprises.

Never did the touring and traveling lifestyle look so hot, either. The Annies attempt to show the less-than-glam side of being a touring female, all the while looking fabulous and flawless.

The 'Takin' Pills' video mixes footage of the Annies performing the song in an intimate, studio-like setting with scenes of them on the road, livin' on truck stop burgers and fries and exploring the great wide open. The lyrics certainly inform the plot scenes -- the girls are basically acting out what they are singing about. None of the Annies have a single hair out of place, though, which wouldn't be the case if this were real life. But that's okay. We can suspend disbelief for the sake of a great clip.

Lambert's puppies also make cameos in the clip, upping the arresting visuals.

Pistol Annies performed this song at the CMT Awards, so if you can't get enough of three hot country singers waxing about bad a-- chicks that drink, smoke and take pills, then you can relive that performance here. But only after you watch the official video for 'Takin' Pills' a couple of times.

Watch Pistol Annies 'Takin' Pills' Video

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