Duo Pryor & Lee ran into some unexpected trouble this weekend when their tour bus caught fire while on the road -- but fortunately, it seems that everybody's doing okay.

The group shared their predicament with fans in a social media update on Saturday (Oct. 16), posting a series of Instagram slides showing the burning bus from the vantage point of the side of the highway. "We had a little fire today," the first one reads, followed by a second video clip of a firefighter surveying the scene.

Fortunately, the duo and their crew seemed to be keeping their spirits up despite the mishap. They posted a smiling, side-of-the-road photo to show that they all made it safely out of the scary situation. "Roadside selfie with the burning bus," they wrote.

Pryor & Lee didn't specifically exactly where the incident took place, though according to their tour calendar, they may have been somewhere in the Carolinas. The pair were just finishing up their Right Now Tour, which began back in August and was set to conclude on Saturday night in Greenville, S.C.

The Right Now Tour takes its name from Pryor & Lee's newest single, "Right Now," which is also the title track of their upcoming EP. The full project is due out Nov. 19. Pryor & Lee are comprised of Pryor Baird and Kaleb Lee, two solo performers who met as contestants on televised singing competition The Voice.

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