Don't trust that grapefruit-sized flower growing from RaeLynn's platinum blonde hair. This girl and her first single 'Boyfriend' are absolute country trouble with a capital "T." But rarely has trouble sounded this much fun.

The teenage singer embraces everything fans love about her in her country debut, a song that will similarly send haters seething with shouts of "She ain't country!," "She's phony!" or "She ain't country!" (Let's be honest, there's not a lot of creativity on that side of the argument.) It's dangerous to stretch the country genre in a way that would make Gabby Douglas raise an eyebrow, but 'The Voice' contestant doesn't know vanilla. Naturally, this song will appeal to a younger audience.

"I want your boyfriend, I'm not gonna lie / I'll be his girl when, he tells you goodbye / Don't worry I won't take him 'cause I ain't that low / I want your boyfriend / Just thought you should know," RaeLynn sings in the 'Boyfriend' chorus.

That lyric about not being too low is important, as it's just the drop of good girl needed to ease anxieties of radio programmers and fans who may be wary of songs that encourage adultery. Perhaps that's the difference between pop and country music. Country artists only dream about stealing your man, while pop stars actually do it, and often with R-rated flair.

RaeLynn adopts a spoken word style for each verse of 'Boyfriend,' including this second one: "Man he and I go back so far, Oh my gosh we lived in his first truck / First time we heard Shania Twain I think we were on our way to love bug / I know you think he loves you now / Seen so many girls come in and out / It sounds a bit insensitive but the truth is what it is."

The style over-emphasizes RaeLynn's Texas accent (Macy Gray, anyone?) which can be distracting. The fact that her patter replicates something Colbie Caillat might have recorded on a previous album won't help quiet screams of "She's ruining country music, tar and feather her!" There's little doubt that this singer is pop-influenced. But her particular marriage of sound creates a union that is totally unique.

Listen to RaeLynn, 'Boyfriend'