RaeLynn is putting everything on the line with her new album. The artist announced the upcoming release of her album Wildhorse by posting the whimsical album cover on Instagram with a heartfelt message about the honesty of the songs that will appear on it.

Due out Dec. 2, Wildhorse will be a true representation of all the ups and downs of RaeLynn's life over the last few years.

"Every lyric takes you through a part of my journey these last four years,” she explains in a release, as well as the Instagram caption. "I’ve always wanted to put out an album where my personality and songwriting could really shine through and I feel like Wildhorse finally gives fans a true glimpse into who I am as an artist and a young woman."

The singer-songwriter recently got married, and as a young adult has gone through a lot of transitions in recent memory, including striking off on her own and beginning her career.

“This record is my college experience in a lot of ways. I graduated from high school, moved away from my parents, and started a life on my own. I fell in love, had my heart broken and then found love again. I married the man of my dreams and now we’re starting a life together. All the highs and lows from these last four years are here,” she says.

As for the name of the album, RaeLynn says it’s an appropriate description of her in a lot of ways, and it actually runs in the family.

"My grandmother used to call my mom a wild horse and I definitely am, too. I’ve always had a different way of looking at life and embracing my carefree spirit. Sure, I can be a handful with my Texas sass mixed with sparkly glitter, but you know, I am who I am,” she says candidly.

Fans who preorder Wildhorse can get an immediate download of the single “Love Triangle,” which RaeLynn wrote about growing up in a divorced family.

RaeLynn's Wildhorse Track Listing:

1. "Your Heart"
2. "Wildhorse"
3. "Love Triangle"
4. "Lonely Call"
5. "Insecure"
6. "The Apple"
7. "Young" (feat. Leeland Mooring)
8. "Diamonds"
9. "Trigger"
10. "Graveyard"
11. "Say" (feat. Dan + Shay)
12. "Praying for Rain"

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