Randy Travis' team of doctors say the singer is showing signs of improvement after being admitted to a Texas hospital with congestive heart failure and a presumed cardiomyopathy on Sunday (July 7). The singer has since been transferred to a different facility for specialized care.

Dr. Michael Mack of the Baylor Heart Hospital in Plano says Travis' condition has stabilized, and things are looking up. As previously reported, the singer underwent the implantation of an Impella peripheral ventricular device before being moved from a McKinney hospital on Monday.

Dr. William Gray of the Baylor Medical Center says Travis was in great health until contracting a viral upper respiratory illness three weeks ago. He was diagnosed with a viral cardiomyopathy, which doctors describe as a viral attack on the heart muscle that causes it to malfunction. The Impella is a pump that allows the heart to continue working properly. Since it's a virus, there are few treatment options -- only support measures.

Travis remains at the Heart Hospital. This latest statement doesn't update his condition status. He was last listed in critical condition on Tuesday (July 9). Congestive heart failure doesn't mean his heart stopped working (according to WebMD), just that its pumping power is weaker than normal.

All shows scheduled through July 18 have been removed from Travis' concert calendar.

Update: After this news was shared, Travis suffered a stroke. Read more.

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