Somehow 52-year-old Randy Travis sounds new again on the songs from his 'Anniversary Collection' album. Only when you listen to this newly released album -- a collection of old Travis hits retooled with guest appearance from country stars like Kenny Chesney, Josh Turner and the Zac Brown Band -- do you recognize the hole in the radio no artist has been able to fill since 'Three Wooden Crosses' was a hit in 2002. 'Everything and All' isn't the best song on the album. It isn't even the best amongst the six or so new songs, but the low end of a five star album is still a pretty good place to be.

Travis begins the song (which can also be found as a duet with Brad Paisley) with the chorus and gets right into the first verse. It's a rapid-fire lyric that traditional Travis fans aren't used to, but he still sneaks in a few of his trademark growls as he's ending phrases. "I'm gonna let somebody else take care of all the worry / Changing my direction and I won't be in a hurry / I'm gonna slow it down while the world's spinning round and round and round / Gonna enjoy the ride / Live while I'm alive."

"All like that and everything and all / And everything all like that," he sings two times during the chorus. This is a "relax and enjoy the ride" type of tune radio hasn't gotten from Travis in quite some time. "I can't build a mountain / No I can't fill up an ocean / No I ain't that smart / I ain't that smart / I don't know how he did it but I'm giving God the credit / God how great thou art / How great thou art / How great thou art."

He opens and closes the song the same way, repeating "This world is not my home but it's a pretty good location / I know life is short but that's another conversation." It's a fun song and Travis's vocals are as clean and flawless as they have ever been. Sometimes an artist who's been away a while needs a no-doubter to remind fans and radio programmers he's still around. This could be that song.

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