Since November, Rodney Atkins has been embroiled in a bitter marital dispute that is in the process of ending in a divorce. The country singer was arrested Nov. 21 after his wife called 911 accusing her husband of trying to smother her with a pillow, among other things. The 'Take a Back Road' singer was taken into custody and then released on a $2,500 bail and in February was acquitted from the charges.

Now, four months out from the incident and in the middle of finalizing a divorce with his wife, Tammy, Atkins says he's so thankful for his fans' continued support throughout the process. In an interview with Kiss Country Mornings, he took a minute to tell fans just how he felt about their response to what he's been battling in his personal life, according to CMTT.

“Thanks for all the prayers," Atkins said. "I could feel the good thoughts, which allows you to not react and take the high road in that situation, and that just shows the class of you guys at radio, fans, friends. But it’s hard for me to say fans. I think it’s friends that you have out there, and I feel better than I have in years, and I’m very excited about the future … Thank you guys.”

Now, after passing court-ordered assessments for alcohol and drug use, as well as agreeing to do 30 hours of community service, the singer is cleared of all charges, which have also been removed from his record. He's currently keeping busy touring his October 2011 record 'Take a Back Road.'