Sam Hunt isn't just a singer and songwriter (and ex-athlete), he also takes on a third role in his 'Leave the Night on' video. Hunt plays a fun-loving taxi driver -- one we wouldn't mind taking a ride with ...

But the singer doesn't just act in the video, he also helped direct it alongside Brad Belander. The energetic mirrored music video has Hunt filling up the cab, taking patrons for a ride and ending up at a rockin' party. He dons a white T-shirt, jeans, a gold chain and a little facial stubble as he navigates the bright yellow bus.

Everyone he picks up seems to enjoy riding in the Hunt cab, with its Christmas lights and good tunes. They laugh, dance, play and pose for selfies while rolling on the Music City streets. Hunt sings from the front seat -- and even the gas pump!

After a brief coffee and food break, Hunt makes his final stop at a house party. The packed party sees Hunt dancing smack dab in the middle surrounded by other partiers, bright flashing lights and even a rebel flag on the wall. The 'Leave the Night On' singer dances with a few party ladies, shakes some hands and gives out a few hugs to his friends before heading back in the cab after a long night.

The Georgia native is taking 'Leave the Night On' on the road, with tour dates through November. He'll play fairs, the occasional festival and even hit the road with Kip Moore and Charlie Worsham later this year. A full list of Sam Hunt tour dates are here.

Watch Sam Hunt Perform 'Leave the Night On' Acoustic