Sam Hunt’s “Make You Miss Me” stays true to the sonic themes presented on the first four singles from Montevallo, but finds the singer aiming from a different vantage point.

Unlike “Break Up in a Small Town,” where Hunt is the heartbroken, the 31-year-old is the empowered ex after a breakup. He sings "Make You Miss Me" with just as much conviction, and the back-to-back nature of these releases to radio almost make them feel like two parts to one story. It’s not clear that they meet in the middle, however.

Piano, a drum loop and Hunt’s husky, spoken-word vocals are the signature of “Make You Miss Me,” as they are most of the 10 songs from his debut album. It’s a wordy chorus that includes a hole in the arrangement for dramatic effect. Fans have heard these tactics before. There’s little here to convert new fans, except for a more empowering story from writers Hunt, Josh Osborne and Matthew Ramsey.

Did You Know?: One way or another, seven of the 10 songs on Montevallo were released as singles, including “Cop Car” for Keith Urban and “Raised on It” to SiriusXM prior to his signing with UMG.

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Sam Hunt, “Make You Miss Me” Lyrics:

“You hear a new song, it's your favorite / Pretty soon you'll be changing the station / And all your old shoes are looking brand new / They wanna be worn but they never get the chance to / Heavy into everything / Ready for the next thing / To catch your eye for a while then you're over it / You change your mind on it / Soon as the shine's gone / Like you always do, but you don't know it yet but …”

“Whoa whoa / I ain't gonna be that easy to leave / Whoa whoa / Girl I'm gonna make you miss me / Make you wish that you were sleeping in my shirt / Lie about my jacket and tell everyone it's yours / When your phone rings after midnight and you're thinking maybe it's me / Gonna make you miss me.”

“You're cold and hot / You burn out like a match / Keep a slim knot in the strings you attach / You think it's easy, but that's a lie / The only reason that you're good at goodbye is / Every boy you ever met, was too easy to forget / Well, I ain't going out like that.”

Writing letters that you're never gonna mail / Stay up and paint my favorite shade of red on your nails / 'Cause you can't fall asleep and you're wishing you were with me / I'm gonna make you miss me.”

“Make you miss me / Make you miss the way my hand fit in your hand / When you're dialing my number listening to my favorite bands / I'll say, hey baby you know all you can say / Is come and get me / I'm gonna make you miss me (Miss me).”

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