Sam Hunt has been picky about his public persona of late, playing an extremely limited slate of appearances to date in 2019 and making vague promises about new music to come in the near future.

Hunt gave fans some hope on Thursday (Sept. 19), however, when he appeared for a livestream sponsored by Bud Light Canada and gave a concrete promise that a new single is right around the corner.

"I finally have a new single coming out here in about a month or so, and a new record coming out first of the year," Hunt told the intimate crowd in Calgary, Alberta.

The glimpse of new material Hunt shared with the audience was titled "Sinning With You," an introspective, moody ballad exploring the moral complications of intimacy with a special girl. " I never felt like I was sinning with you..I always felt like I could talk to God in the morning....If it was so wrong why didi it feel so right?" Hunt expressed. The song can be viewed here (fast-forward to about 55 minutes in).

Hunt also had plenty of hits to delight the fans with, starting off with "House Party" and running through "Leave the Night On," "Raised on It," ""Ecstacy," "Take Your Time," and a surprising cover of Montell Williams' 1995 hit "This Is How We Do It." He wrapped up, of course, with his biggest smash, 2017's "Body Like a Back Road."

Fans are eager for a new album for good reason: It's been nearly five years since Hunt released his critically acclaimed debut, Montevallo. In 2018, he released another new single, "Downtown's Dead," but has kept a relatively low profile since vowing to spend more time with his family after getting married in 2017.

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