Sam Hunt wanted to release two new songs earlier this week, but needed to make a few tweaks on a second track that he says will be coming soon.

"Downtown's Dead," Hunt tells the Bobby Bones Show, is an extension of his debut album Montevallo (2014).

"I've got another song that I'm gonna put out here in a few weeks that is another step in the direction towards (hopefully) what will become something new from me in terms of a record, and maybe a new direction or a step forward of evolving as an artist or a writer," he says.

"Nothing Lasts Forever" is the name of Hunt's next song release, which he promises to make available within a few weeks. There's more where that came from, but (and this seems to be a big but) that doesn't mean his sophomore album is almost ready. The 34-year-old "Body Like a Back Road" hitmaker says at any one time he's working on 50 songs. That's just how he does music.

"I didn't have enough continuity within that batch of songs to pick out 10 or 12 that would be a good record," he shares during the radio interview. "I still haven't quite gotten there yet."

"Downtown's Dead" is Hunt's first single in 15 months and was written with the same team as "Body Like a Back Road," plus writer and producer Charlie Handsome. There may be more where that came from, but the tremendous success of that song isn't forcing him into following what's popular.

"I'm not as inspired to write just a whole bunch of those," he says. "I am torn sometimes between writing a song that I know might appeal to more people that I may not have as much connection to, and writing a song that I am connected to."

As for his adjusted priorities? The tone of his comments during Friday morning's (May 18) interview somewhat walked back comments made previously. At this point in his life he's allowing time for other things and appreciating the longterm benefits. "I don't think that we should be doing anything as consistently as I was doing music," Hunt says.

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