Sam Hunt isn't the star of his new music video for "Young Once." The dramatic clip is a mini-movie set to the song that follows two young lovers escaping a troubled childhood together.

Train-hopping, panhandling, dumpster-diving and back alley-sleeping are a few of the less-than-pleasant things this couple has to do to get away, but they appreciate each new adventure in a way only young lovers can. The romance is in how they fight together, scrap together and still find time to dream together as they're (presumably) being tracked by their parents.

Dashiell Connery (grandson to Sean Connery) and May Daniels play the leads, with a few other supporting characters providing motivation for their getaway. Early on it's clear that life isn't great for anyone. Both appear to have come from broken families, and after Daniels' character's father catches them getting cozy, they plan an escape. Midway through we see Hunt at a diner with a sort of knowing grin on his face as the pair passes by him. 

If this video were to fit into a cinematic genre, it'd be a romance story, directed more than capably by Tim Mattia. The lyrics to "Young Love" couldn't fit the scene any better.

"We were young once / We were gung-ho, singing in the sun once / Backroads in the wild, on the run once / Cheap thrills, doing things in the wheat fields / We were young, we were young, we were young once / We were young once," Hunt sings at the chorus.

The song is one of 12 on Hunt's new Southside album, released earlier this month. Zach Crowell, Matt Jenkins and Josh Osborne helped Hunt write a song that is most easily comparable to "Cop Car" from his own catalog.

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