Sam Varga's late grandfather co-stars in the singer and songwriter's new music video for "Good Word." It's a most fitting tribute to a very important man in the Kentucky native's life.

A soft steel guitar hugs Varga's pop-friendly delivery of a story he worked through with songwriters Sabrina Lentini and William Stone. "Good Word," he says, was written in anticipation of his grandfather's battle with cancer ending, "and what I wanted my final moments to be like with (him)." This music video is premiering for Taste of Country readers first.

Enjoy vintage footage between shots of Varga performing the song on acoustic guitar. At the very end, you'll find a dated clip of his grandfather telling a story. His way with words is alluded to early on in the song.

"My Grandpa had a line for everything," Varga says. "We craved those same lines and they never got old."

As the song begins, it's not clear if Varga is singing about the loss of love or life. Melancholy chords set a somber tone before a pre-chorus of, "Can I come visit / Do I need a ticket?" 

"Is it someplace I can’t reach / Do they know that I don’t drink anymore / And if they make me wait / Am I OK to use your name / Since you’re getting there first / Can you put in a good word / Can you put in a good word,” he sings.

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