Sara Evans invited Vince Gill to sing on a song called 'Better Off,' a ballad from her new 'Slow Me Down' album. The cut finds Evans in her wheelhouse. “‘Better Off’ is a stone-cold country song,” she says in this behind-the-song video, exclusive to Taste of Country.

“It’s exactly how I was trained to sing as a child, starting off in bluegrass," she adds. "Like, my mother is gonna cry when she hears this song.” '

Slow Me Down' is in stores and at digital retailers now.

Evans says she feels fortunate to have Gill joining her for this song. His voice is timeless, and together, she says they remind her of his famous duets with Patty Loveless. The message of the song is one any woman who has been hurt can get behind.

“Basically, it’s saying ‘If he wants to leave, let him go.’” Evans says. “‘Cause he’ll only leave you better off.”

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