Sara Evans prides herself on being a neat and tidy lady. She keeps her house spic and span, but it can be hard keeping a house clean when you're the only one who picks up after yourself.

Evans has quite the family, too -- she is married to Jay Barker, an ex-University of Alabama quarterback, and they have blended their respective families into a household with seven children! That alone is daunting, but Evans insists her daughters are the worst mess-makers.

“I guess my girls are pretty bad about that," Evans tells to ABC News Radio. "My girls are pretty slobby."

Girls will be girls, but Evans tries her best to remind them to pick up their clothes and keep their rooms tidy.

“I’m on them constantly to keep their room clean," she furthers. "I’m like, ‘You’re a young woman. I’m not going to let you be just a slob just with clothes everywhere.’”

Does her hubby at least try to help keep the house clean? Evans doesn't quite say, but does call the National Championship winner and current radio host out for being a little forgetful.

“Well, Jay, he’s a typical guy in the sense that he will leave, and then pretty much every time he leaves, he has to come back and grab something," the country star shares.

When Evans isn't busy being a mom and reminding her girls to pick up their clothes, she's promoting her upcoming album 'Slow Me Down,' which is due out March 11.