We all know that 'American Idol' Season 10 champion and country music darling Scotty McCreery has a musical future so bright that it's blinding. While the 'I Love You This Big' singer spent plenty of time in Hollywood over the past year, navigating his way through the 'Idol' process and win, he isn't sure he wants to make like many other stars and transition to films.

In a chat with WSOC radio, McCreery referred to L.A. as the "concrete jungle" and admitted that there is no acting in his immediate future. "I don't know if I will pull a Tim McGraw or not," McCreery said. "I'm going to stick with country." Sticking with what he knew served him well on 'Idol' since he did, you know, win. But McCreery did duet with McGraw on one of the final episodes, so if he is still in touch with him, maybe he should seek acting pointers and career advice, as McGraw has done it all.

McCreery should never say never, either, since he did not expect to make it very far on 'Idol' ... and look where he ended up.

McCreery remains the same down-home, unassuming country boy from Garner, N.C. who made it a point to grab a biscuit from Bojangles as soon as he returned from the West Coast and 'Idol'-land. Since Bojangles is a local fast food joint that has not made its way to California, McCreery needed to feast on some regional cuisine. He also had himself a nice glass of sweet tea, acknowledging it's only available in one pocket of the country. While L.A. has Hamburger Hamlet, In N Out Burger, Pink's and Millions of Milkshakes, McCreery prefers the southern fare of home.

McCreery's earning potential has increased exponentially with the win, so he no longer has to bag groceries in Garner. But he hasn't gotten extravagant with his new income, saying that the biggest thing he purchased since the win was "a bunch of movies for the tour … that I wouldn't have bought before." McCreery's feet are still planted on the ground, and he continued, "I haven’t gone out and bought a gold chain 24-carat or anything. I'm still eatin' off the dollar menu."

Watch Scotty McCreery's Video Interview With WSOC

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