The 'American Idol' judges jokingly referred to Scotty McCreery as their "youngest veteran" last night. There is indeed an old soul trapped in that teenage body, but a little bit more keeps escaping with each passing performance.

McCreery has told us repeatedly that he used to entertain the kids on his school bus by doing spot on impressions of Elvis Presley. For his second song of the night, McCreery performed a popular song that is most often attributed to the King. He went with 'Always on My Mind.'

McCreery did miss a few notes here and there, but he took a pop-leaning song and gave it a big ol' country kiss. It was a simple, subtle and stunning moment that McCreery just happened to share with millions of his closest fans. The singer also looked incredibly dapper in his black suit and white button down shirt. He also makes love to the audience with his eyes. Where did a teenager learn how to do that? Now we totally get what the judges mean when they call him their youngest vet!

Jennifer Lopez was moved by McCreery once again, saying, "Between that last song and this song, you show us what a well-rounded artist you are. You captivate with your sweet voice. It was so beautiful. There is nothing awkward about you. You are so comfortable in your own skin."

"You are going to make it real hard to vote. I can't even pick that apart," Steven Tyler stated emphatically.

America, it's up to you to send Scotty McCreery to the next round of heated competition.

Watch Scotty McCreery Sing 'Always on My Mind' on 'American Idol'