For many reasons, results night is always an cathartic night for 'American Idol' contestants. For most, it's relief mixed with the pain of losing someone you've grown close to. One of the few outsiders allowed into the weekly "elimination dinner," a close friend of Scotty McCreery, describes the close-knit group as one big family.

"Everyone means well to one another. They love one another genuinely," Brett Bailey, best friend of Garner, N.C. contestant McCreery, tells Taste of Country. "They just want the best for each other.”

The high school senior spent three days in Hollywood last month during Motown Week. No one was sent packing that week -- Casey Abrams was saved by 'Idol' judges then -- but Bailey, who's also McCreery's baseball teammate, describes the dinner as emotional. They enjoyed Italian food, but Bailey jokes that his friend is really missing a few comforts from home, including biscuits from fast food chain BoJangles and southern sweet tea.

McCreery's schedule makes it difficult for many friends or family members to remain in touch with him during the competition, but no matter what happens, Bailey knows his friend will be satisfied. He says, "He told me he was just hoping to make it past the first round, and everything beyond that was gonna be a blessing."