Now that we know the title of Scotty McCreery's debut album, it's easy to speculate which songs might surface as singles -- and where they might come from. In a press release announcing the name of his forthcoming record, 'Clear As Day,' the 'American Idol' winner also spilled that the title track is his favorite.

"We’ve got songs on it from some of the best songwriters in country music," McCreery says. "I’m so fortunate to have so many talented people contributing to my first album." But while revealing details about the forthcoming record, the 'Idol' also leaked a few songwriter names. "'Clear As Day' just sounded like a great album title, but it’s also one of my favorite songs on the album, and I love the message behind the song which was written by Casey Beatherd, Phil O’Donnell and Adam Wheeler."

After a few swift Google searches, thanks to a friendly blogger, the name Phil O’Donnell pulled back a long list of penned country hits -- including a demo titled 'Clear As Day.' The premise of the track surrounds the history of a couple, and kicks off with the line, "You were sitting on that Silverado bumper, outside our locker room after the game," which would be right up 17-year-old baseball star's alley.

The sweet, catchy chorus would be a great match, as well:

"There ain't one second time's erased / Every detail is still in place / You hold onto what you love, some things never fade / That night is still clear as day."

We think there's a pretty good chance that O’Donnell's 'Clear As Day' demo will unfold into McCreery's 'Clear As Day' studio track, but we'll just have to wait to find out. Scotty McCreery's debut album, 'Clear As Day,' impacts on Oct. 4.