'American Idol' Season 10 winner Scotty McCreery is hard at work on his very first album as his single 'I Love You This Big' soars. In honor of this much anticipated release, Taste of Country has singled out five facts we already know about McCreery's debut, based on things the teen country star has said during his post-win press push. If you can't get enough of McCreery, read on to stay up-to-date on his progress.

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    He wants to record a duet with Lauren Alaina, but it probably won't be for this album.

    McCreery and runner-up Lauren Alaina sang together multiple times on Season 10 of 'Idol,' so it only makes sense that their chemistry (and friendship) would carry over into a duet. “We need to establish ourselves as artists first,” Alaina told Taste of Country. “[We'll establish ourselves] separately, and then hopefully down the road, if we’re still around, we’ll put [out] something together.” We'll keep our fingers crossed that it does happen sooner than later. McCreery agrees: "We sound good together. It'd be nice to get some duets."

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    He will not be defined by the 'American Idol' title.

    While McCreery is ever grateful that the 'American Idol' platform elevated him to where he is today, he will not let the trappings of fame or the show define him or keep him confined to any sort of celebrity box. He will be "Scotty McCreery," not "Scotty McCreery, 'American Idol' winner." After his win, when talking about how things have changed, he said, "I am not going to let Hollywood or the fame get me." He'll always be our Garner, N.C. country boy. No matter how big he gets, his head will remain out of the clouds.

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    He will not be altering his "old country" style.

    While McCreery built his fame (and notched his win) on a voice that made a 16-year-old sound 65, McCreery will not be changing anything about his "old country" style to suit a more mainstream or commercial audience, or to gain wider radio appeal. He said, "For me, I'm not going to change. It got me here. Let's see how it does on the radio. I don't think it's too old style!" If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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    He's seeking demos from Nashville songwriters, and two song titles have been confirmed.

    The Nashville songwriting community is rich with talent, and McCreery is pulling from that pool -- smartly so. "We had a meeting with some publishers the other day, and they were throwing songs and demos my way. I've been taking a look at all of them," he said. McCreery did namecheck key members of the Nashville songwriting world, like Rhett Akins and Dallas Davidson, revealing that they were "throwing songs my way." Those songwriters then gave Taste of Country the scoop on a couple songs he's considering for the album: 'You Make That Look Good' and 'Write Your Number on My Hand.'

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    He will have a Christian song on the album.

    McCreery idolizes Josh Turner, who is known for having a Christian song on every one of his albums. McCreery wants to follow Turner's mode, and he said, "I'm hoping to have that on my album, that one Christian song." McCreery's faith is of the utmost importance to him in his personal life, so it makes sense that it spills over into his professional life.

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