While many 'American Idol' fans still wonder if winner Scotty McCreery and runner-up Lauren Alaina are secretly boyfriend and girlfriend, the dynamic duo spoke about their ideal mates, among other topics, in a recent chat with Rolling Stone. If we didn't know any better, we'd think McCreery and Alaina were describing each other.

When asked to describe her ideal guy -- not 'Idol' guy -- Alaina had simple but specific desires, saying, "He has to be taller than me. He has nice muscles, loves Jesus, is athletic and has blue eyes."

McCreery's list wasn't too dissimilar, as he stated, "I'd like her to be a Christian and musically or athletically inclined. If she's not athletic, that's OK. She has to be a cool, down to earth person."

When asked what they thought about one another, McCreery said that Alaina is an original. "She is one of a kind. There is nobody else like her," he gushed. Alaina was equally positive about McCreery, saying, "I think that Scotty is a good guy. He loves Jesus. And he is super-talented and I am so happy for him."

Here's clear confirmation that both 'Idol' finalists are such dedicated Christians! But seriously, doesn't it sound like they are speaking of each other?

Alaina said that her debut album is going to be country, as opposed to pop, since she dabbles in both worlds, but she wouldn’t mind success in both genres. She explained, "If it crosses over, that would be terrific."

McCreery said that he is not going to change no matter what, and that includes altering his "old style" country voice to go more commercial in order to gain wider appeal. "For me, I'm not going to change," he said about his voice. "It got me here. Let's see how it does on the radio. I don't think it's too old style!"

The fame monster isn't going to gobble him up, either. "I am not going to let Hollywood or the fame get me," McCreery, 17, declared. "How could I? I was bagging groceries a few months ago." And now you're our 'American Idol'!

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