So are they or aren't they dating? While Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina have denied being anything more than just friends, their body language suggests otherwise. During an interview at the Google offices in San Fransisco, the 'American Idol' contestants were asked, indirectly, about their status. The interviewer asked McCreery what "circle" he would put Alaina in if he could sign up for the new Google+ social media platform. "Circles" are ways of organizing your relationships and the question, as well as the pair's response, suggests there's a boyfriend/girlfriend circle.

"What circle would you put me in Lauren," McCreery asked as he bought time. "I don't know," Alaina responded laughing, fumbling with her drink and hiding behind her long blonde hair. The tension was finally cut when the interviewer turned to the audience to ask a few questions. Fast forward to the 19:40 mark in the video below to watch the not-couple squirm.

The two did discuss a wide range of subjects including last season's judges ("He would have hated me," McCreery said of Simon Cowell), the advantage of having your mother come along on every tour stop and Carrie Underwood. The original country 'American Idol' winner gave both contestants her personal phone number with permission to call any time.

"The one time I texted her," McCreery said, "my boys were in the car with me, we were in Nashville. So I was texting her and they looked over and were like, 'Scotty, who is that?' I was like [mumble]. 'Is that Carrie Underwood?' And they were just going crazy in the back seat."

After the 'Idol' tour, both contestants say they'll transition to album release mode. During off days, they work on recording songs for their  projects. McCreery said he's had a heavy hand in choosing the original songs that work best for him. "It's kind of scary," Alaina added, "because nobody has ever heard these songs before, and if they don't like them they're just going to can 'em."

When the tour's finished, and the albums are out, they may finally get to take a break from the non-stop schedule they've lived since joining the television show last winter. "[I'm] trying to work out some time where I can go home go and enjoy some high school football games and do the normal life for a while," McCreery admitted. Alaina said she can't wait be able to hang out with her brother for a while, as the two are very close.

Watch Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina talk to Google+