The performing arts can be incredibly healing, and the tiny town of Newtown, Ct. needs all the help it can get after the tragic events that took place over one year ago at Sandy Hook Elementary School, which claimed 26 innocent lives.

That's why country artist Scotty McCreery has been named National Goodwill Ambassador for the 12.14 Foundation.

The foundation is dedicated to employing the performing arts as a healing mechanism in the wake of the horrific shootings, with the mission of building a landmark and world-class Performing Arts Centre in Newtown in memory of those lost on Dec. 14, 2012.

As the ambassador, McCreery will play an active role in promoting the foundation's arts programming, supporting its fundraising efforts and building awareness around the organization's plans to build the center.

"I'm honored to support the 12.14 Foundation, and greatly admire both the mission and work of this remarkable organization," the 'See You Tonight' singer remarks. "As a songwriter and performer, I know that music can bring hope and inspiration to those struggling to overcome great adversity."

"The foundation's vision of helping children and others heal through the performing arts really hits home for me as an entertainer," McCreery adds. "I will do everything I can to help communities affected by tragedy to heal and gain strength through the work of the 12.14 Foundation."

Dr. Michael Baroody, founder of 12.14, elaborates, "Our mission is to provide healing through the arts as a way forward -- not just for those affected in Newtown but for people everywhere who have endured tragedy and trauma. Scotty provides joy, hope and inspiration through music, has a genuine compassion for others, and is an excellent role-model for perseverance and achievement at a young age."

Although most people will never forget the tragedy or understand why such a senseless and violent act happened, forward-thinking actions like this center will provide a beacon of hope and positive change in the midst of the pain Newtown still feels.

McCreery isn't alone in his efforts, either. Other country music stars have showed their support since the Newtown shootings, with Kenny Chesney recording 'Amazing Grace' and singers praying for the affected residents.