The New England Patriots owe Scotty McCreery part of his dignity back. The country singer learned a chilly lesson after making a wager over the outcome of the Broncos-Patriots game on Sunday (Jan. 24).

The singer and former American Idol champ is a die-hard Patriots fan, and he bet his friend Evan McNeill that if the Patriots won, McNeill would jump into the Atlantic Ocean, while if the Broncos won, McCreery would be forced to brave the freezing-cold water. Of course, the Patriots lost by a mere two points on Sunday, and another friend, Austin Nagy, posted a video to Twitter Sunday night of McCreery -- wearing shorts and a Patriots shirt -- preparing to pay up. He gives a few shout outs before abruptly stripping off his shirt and racing into the water, as his friends instruct, "All the way under! All the way!"

McNeill posted a teeth-chattering video to  his own Twitter of McCreery emerging from the ocean, looking every bit as cold as one might imagine after an ocean plunge in January. McNeill proclaimed McCreery was a "man of his word."

McCreery offered up little comment afterward, simply posting, "That was cold."

The "Southern Belle" singer is a lifelong Patriots fan, so he was thrilled to get the chance to sing the National Anthem when they played the Kansas City Chiefs at Gillette Stadium on Jan. 16.

“My Dad, who was raised in New England, instilled a love of the New England Patriots in me from birth,” he says. “I was at the Super Bowl last year when they won -- maybe that makes me their good luck charm."

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