Tour pranks are a time-honored tradition in country music, and no one is safe from the fun. Scotty McCreery and RaeLynn have been on the road with Rascal Flatts as part of the band’s Riot Tour, and at their Oct. 4 show in Mountain View, Calif., RaeLynn got the bug. The “For a Boy” singer decided to take advantage of a viral joke from the 2015 Super Bowl, dressing up as a dance-loving shark and strutting out on stage during McCreery’s set.

RaeLynn proceeded to dance terribly as McCreery at first tried to help her, then went on with his song, undeterred by her antics. The prank references the Katy Perry halftime show that featured backup dancers dressed as cartoony sharks. The “shark” on the left quickly drew attention, as it was clear it wasn’t as practiced in its choreography, launching a viral meme poking fun at its ineptitude dubbed simply “#leftshark."

RaeLynn posted a video of the prank on Twitter, claiming to be the “ultimate prankster."

The artist released her latest single "For a Boy" this summer, which she says is based on an actual dating experience about a guy who opened up to her emotionally.

"When I get there, this guy just starts pouring his heart out to me," she explains in a behind-the-song video with the Opry. “Guys always wanna be macho and wanna seem cool, so it’s just really cool when guys are transparent with you.”

McCreery recently released his new tune “Southern Belle,” which is a bit edgier than his typically-traditional sound. In late August, he unveiled the lyric video for the fast-paced track, written by Sean McConnell and Jason Saenz. The upcoming album details have not yet been released, but he says this tune is probably as “far left” as he’ll go style-wise, so traditional McCreery fans can rest easy.

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