Fans dressed in Scotty swag are popping up nationwide. A line of T-shirts created by a McCreery family friend is now available for anyone looking to support the 'American Idol' contestant after the voting wraps on Wednesday nights.

Scotty McCreery isn't involved in selling the T-shirts, but he did tip Paulette Disbrow, owner of PDK Screen Printing in Raleigh, N.C., to a few of his favorite causes. Disbrow tells Taste of Country that she's not keeping a penny from the Scotty tees. All proceeds will be split between the singer's high school chorus, high school baseball team and his church youth group.

"By dressing so many people in Scotty attire we hope to constantly spread the word," Disbrow says. "This is basically an election, and this is our campaign strategy."

As of last week, over 1,200 shirts had been printed. McCreery posed for the two bearing his picture. The "Scotty's Hotties" tee is a favorite amongst young girls.

"In the beginning most of the orders were local, but as he stays in the competition they have now started coming from all over," Disbrow explains, admitting she may soon be overwhelmed. "Texas, Tennessee and Pennsylvania are large Scotty supporters."

To pick up one of your own Scotty McCreery tees, you can place an order here.

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