Scotty McCreery's country accent keeps "You Time" safely between the country buoys, but the lead single from his fourth studio album is his most progressive in half a decade.

Producer Frank Rogers is back for the new song, but the pair lean left (slightly) of country music's traditional center with vocal effects and guitar tones made popular by the format's biggest stars (Luke Bryan, for example). Organic percussion and a touch of steel guitar still tug at the endearing love song. "You Time" is a melodic showcase above everything else, but not quite the traditional helping many songs from Seasons Change served up.

That is to say, it's catchier than cooties. McCreery hasn't released a song to radio as easy to sing along to as "You Time," a working man's note home to his woman. There's a sensuality about his suggestions that may make the beauty salon crowd blush, but the added heat only serves to loosen the hips for an easy shake to a masterful chorus. Lyrically, he's released more meaningful songs, but few have been this instantly enjoyable.

Did You Know?: In the second verse, McCreery sings of his appreciation for what his lover does, "climbing mountains, changing lives." In real life, his wife Gabi is a nurse.

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Scotty McCreery, "You Time" Lyrics:

The road’s got me rollin’ six days a week / Whole lotta workin’, not much sleep / But I love what I do / Yeah I know it’s what I signed up for / Chasin’ dreams from shore to shore / And even seeing some come true.

But now and then / I need to stop the spinnin’ of the world, yeah.

I need a little you time, you time / Red wine sippin’ in moonlight / Your touch, your skin / Your lips kissin’ on me all night / I ain’t tryin’ to monopolize / Your 24/7, 365 / But sometimes I need / Just a little bit of me and / You time, you time, you time.

You’re up before that sun can rise / Climbing mountains, changing lives / Baby I love what you do / You bring a smile to every face / You make this world a better place / You light up every room.

But girl now dontcha know / Sometimes I want you to myself with no one else.

Repeat Chorus

But now and then / I need to stop the spinnin’ of the world, yeah.

Repeat Chorus

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