Rising country artist Seth Ennis has released a song that will make you slow down, and well, "Call Your Mama."

"Call Your Mama" — which also features Little Big Town — was inspired by Ennis' own mom, who would often text her son a friendly reminder to give her a call every once in awhile. It was an easy one to write and came together in less than 30 minutes.

"A couple weeks after I wrote it, I was in the U.K. opening for Little Big Town," Ennis says in a recent press release. "My mom ended up coming overseas and surprising me at a show. So I decided to play the song, for the first time, and surprise her. Karen and Kimberly were listening backstage and the second I walked off stage they said that I had to play that song in my set for the rest of the tour. The response on the road was so amazing and special that I knew I had to cut the song and put it out."

A few weeks ago, Ennis went into Blackbird Studio in Nashville with his friends in LBT, and the result was harmonies that take the already-emotional song to a new level. Footage from this studio visit was shared on LBT's Twitter page:

“I 100 percent believe music can bring healing and move people in a way that nothing else can," Ennis says. "I already see a movement happening with this song and that is so much bigger than me, and I’m just humbled to be a small part of it."

Did You Know?: Seth Ennis' surprised his mama with the song at his concert on Mother's Day this year. Watch.

Seth Ennis' "Call Your Mama" Lyrics:

Take one last look in that rearview / On your way / Out of that stick-around town you’re about to leave behind / And go get lost to find yourself / Don’t be afraid / To go and have yourself the craziest of times / Make some new friends / Be someone you’ve never been/ But every now and then

Call your mama / Sit and listen to her small town drama / And get you all caught up on all your sisters and your brothers / Boy, listen to your mother / ‘Cause you ain’t ever gonna get another / Someone you get to call your mama

One of these days on down the road / You’re gonna find / You a strong-willed girl with a gentle heart like hers / And don’t forget to call her dad / Before you buy that ring / Yeah, and if they both say yes then first things first

Repeat Chorus

Do it while you can, even when you don’t wanna / ‘Cause there’s gonna come a day the Good Lord’s gonna / Call your mama / Mmm, He’s gonna call your mama / Yeah, pick up the phone, boy you better

Call your mama / Sit and listen to her small town drama / Get you all caught up on all your sisters and your brothers / Oh tell her that you love her / ‘Cause you ain’t ever gonna get another / So call your mama/ Mmm, you better call your mama

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