Shania Twain has always been a boundary pusher, both in her genre-bending music career and her sense of fashion.

The singer recently spoke to Billboard ahead of her American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women New York Fashion Week performance specifically about her unique style, saying, "I’m a recording artist, I’m not a model; so for me I’m playing dress-up when I’m playing with fashion."

When it comes to fellow artists' style vibes, the singer revealed that she most admires Lizzo, saying, "The coolest, hottest fashion sense I’m seeing out there right now that is just awesome is Lizzo."

Twain elaborated on the pop sensation's style choices: "She walked by me at the Grammys, and I thought, 'That is gorgeous!' She is just rocking beautiful clothes. She was wearing a black velvety sparkle thing, and then the other one was white and more like a ribbed sparkly thing. Everything she wore was gorgeous."

Twain even has praise for some of Lizzo's more famously weird style selections, such as the famous (teeny) tiny purse she brought to the American Music Awards—a bag so small it could barely hold a breath mint. "It’s fun, it’s gorgeous. She’s doing everything that I would do," Twain affirms. "I think it’s beautiful, and she looks comfortable. Whatever you wear well is what works, and she’s doing that."

When it comes to another famous pop star, Halsey — who referenced Twain's famous leopard-print outfit from "That Don't Impress Me Much" in her "You Should Be Sad" music video — Twain agrees that it's cool that newer artists are referencing back to her famous looks.

"When I look back and think about how insecure I was about my body when I was younger, I was more careful and cautious about it, less liberated about it," she explains. "I see the Halsey video, and I realize, 'Wow, I don’t know why I was so worried about it.'"

She adds, "I think women are feeling more liberated and less self-conscious than before, I see progress there. So it’s really fun to watch my wardrobe influences being carried over to more freedom."

Twain continues to showcase her boundary-pushing fashion at her Las Vegas residency, Let's Go!, which was recently extended through December 2020. Tickets for the residency can be found on Twain's official website.

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