It's finally here! Shania Twain's Now album features 12 songs she wrote herself (did you know that?) and a whole lot of autobiographical details, but that it's finally here is all most of her fans want to talk about. It's been a decade and a half since fans could say they had new music from Shania!

She wrote songs about what she's been through since releasing Up! in 2002. That includes a divorce and new marriage, a total loss of confidence after losing her voice as a result of Lyme disease, plus being a mom. In fact, her teenage son Eja played a heavy hand in influencing the sound of this album. His musical tastes influenced hers in dramatic, and often funky, ways.

Included in this video of Five Things You Need to Know About Twain's Now and the songs on it are one bit of trivia about her "Life's About to Get Good" music video and her thoughts on what she'd be doing if she truly did lose her voice. Don't worry, the superstar wasn't planning on going too far.

Now is Twain's fifth studio album and includes her current single, "Swinging With My Eyes Closed." She also recently announced plans for an extensive tour in 2018.

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