Is Shania Twain a cougar? No way! The 'Man! I Feel Like a Woman' singer is happily married to Frederic Thiebaud, but that didn't stop her from inviting Harry Styles (the heartthrob of One Direction who famously dated Taylor Swift last winter) and the rest of his bandmates to see her in concert in Las Vegas.

So, why the sudden interest in the British pop band? It's incredibly simple. Styles, 19, paid Twain, 48, a compliment on Twitter, and she returned the favor with a personal invitation, showing her undying class.

The young One Direction singer tweeted a short, but sweet note about the country icon to his nearly 17 million followers, posting something that country music fans are already well aware of: "Shania Twain is so good."

Despite the fact that millions of 140-character transmissions are released into the Twitterverse on a daily basis -- especially to famous people -- the message still made it to Twain's eyes.

She replied: “Thank you for your sweet tweet, @Harry_Styles. U and @onedirection are welcome to a #ShaniaInVegas show anytime!"

A personal invite from Shania Twain? How cool is that? We're glad to see that the One Direction boys have wide and varied taste in music and that their most popular member can appreciate one of country music's biggest crossover acts.

Sure, that description sounds a lot like Styles' ex, Swift, but it's true. However, she has since moved on to bigger and better things.